About Us

We are passionate about value addition to city-wide economies, particularly the economic zones. Our commitment lies in promoting social, economic, and environmental ideas that will build industries for tomorrow. We will always be in the midst of developing and investing in unique solutions that harness creativity and innovation towards solving critical problems.

Thus, GridHall Inc’s intent remains to smartly assemble industries that will represent the future today, by investing in unique solutions that aim towards resolving and eradicating critical problems our current industries are plagued with.

Our approaches are streamlined towards accelerating innovation where research is the driving force for the overarching goals of efficiency improvements. GridHall Inc thrives in designing solutions where data is at the core of services rendered, where research and development are fundamental building blocks that aid in making critical investments that build robust smart cities.

Our model relies on implementing intuitive mechanisms to scale digitization and automation across our industries of target.


Our mission is to prioritize digitization and smart integration to improve technologies today by driving the change for sustainability and reform.


To integrate smart technology in industries, to contribute towards clean energy that pioneer the best environmental and social practices.


To smartly assemble, add value, and manage industries that represent the future, and most importantly, today.

Our People

GridHall Inc. prides itself in the way in which it celebrates individuality and fosters collective growth. We are committed to promoting systemic social and economic inclusion towards building smart industries of tomorrow.

Our global team of dedicated experts, ranges in talents of Engineers, Developers, Designers, as well as Project management and Operations Officers.