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Secure Digital Storage

Our E-Naira Wallet feature lets you safely store your digital assets on our app. It employs advanced encryption protocols to protect your funds, giving you peace of mind


QR Code Payment Gateway

Our payment gateways including QR codes, allows businesses to facilitate smoother transactions with it’s customers

Why Faspay?

Individuals are continuously seeking payment solutions that’ll provide seamless transactions that’ll meet their everyday needs. So why Us?

Employment of E-Naira and top-up

Use of E-Naira means providing safer and smoother transactions, promoting financial inclusion, eliminating transaction delays, and providing a first-class payment experience

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Value added services

FasPay offers a range of services from marketing support to customer analytics to help business owners grow their businesses

NFC cards

FasPay offers additional customized NFC cards that ensure fast payment on any NFC supported device

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